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Self Reflection: A deep exploration of myself.

In this self-portrait sculpture, I sought to capture the moments when we find ourselves ensnared within our own thoughts. There are times when self-reflection becomes a profound exploration, but it can also transform into a cage, separating us from reality and becoming a prison of our own making.

The mirror, for me, symbolizes this inward gaze. While self-observation can be beneficial, it also has the potential to lead to excessive self-criticism, which can paralyze us.

Creating a self-portrait is a profound act of self-examination. Through the process of sculpting from life, I confront myself and peer into the mirror, not only focusing on exploring form and structure but also delving into my inner thoughts and emotions. As I sculpt, I am compelled to contemplate who I am portraying and what aspects of myself I want to convey.

Throughout the creation of this sculpture, I grappled with the agony of self-criticism. While I am deeply committed to personal growth and self-development, I recognize the dangers of excessive self-scrutiny, which can hinder our ability to truly be ourselves.

This sculpture serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between self-reflection and self-acceptance, inviting viewers to contemplate their own relationship with introspection and criticism, and encouraging them to embrace authenticity and self-compassion.

Giovanni Priante


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