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My experience at the ICAA's "Enduring Places" Conference in Charleston.

Craftsmanship, Preservation, and Sustainability were at the heart of an unforgettable weekend

The ICAA’s national conference, Enduring Places, took place from November 3rd to 5th 2023. Some of the themes like craftsmanship, preservation, and sustainability, offered deeper perspective of Charleston’s legacy of architecture, design, and new projects that support thoughtful and growth.

It was a pleasure for me to be a part of an exhibit in such space, which incluided 60 works from 38 different artists, chosen and curated by a jury consisting of Emily Bedard (Foster Reeve & Associates), Tham Kannalikham (Kannalikham Designs LLC), Grahame Long (Historic Charleston Foundation), Edith Platten (ICAA), and Steven Spandle (Steven W. Spandle Architect).

Over 200 guests came in to contemplate the paintings, drawings, sculptures, metalwork, furniture, and other objects on display throughout. Greatly written by ICAA:

"The exhibition was a testament to the invention and creativity that inspired practitioners bring to age-old techniques and traditional forms."

If you want to learn more, below the link to the complete blog created and shared by ICAA:


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